Benefits to You

  • Technology
    Our total electronic system from order placement to order completion.
  • Quick Payment
    Once a report is completed, payment will be mailed to you normally within 3 business days.
  • Website Status
    Through this website, you will be able to update all of your orders with inspection dates, estimated completion dates, and review completed appraisals. This eliminates telephone calls requesting status on appraisal orders.
  • Reduce processing costs
    No faxes or hard copies are needed when you are an EDI capable appraiser. This reduces your overnight expense as well.
  • Minimize unnecessary phone calls
    As a vendor, you will partner with the business team and communicate directly with them. This minimizes numerous phone calls from multiple requestors and brokers.
  • Turnaround Times
    Faster turnaround times with electronic transmission.
  • Lenders Network
    Business relationships with the nation's top leaders in the lending communities.